Enable your baby to swim safely and confidently from an early age.

Swim Academy for Babies is a unique swimming school based in Cornwal and just opened in Somerset.

We run classes at:

Redruth, Praa Sands, Par (Near Fowey), Carnon Downs, Newquay, Blackwater and Mullion, and in North Somerset classes run at Redhill.

We run special swimming classes for babies from newborn to 4 years old, in a friendly, relaxed and fun environment at carefully selected swimming pools. Special techniques are used to help mothers and fathers develop a deeper bond with their baby.

The earlier babies are introduced to water the sooner they can be taught vital water safety skills as well as increasing their strength and stamina.

We also include fun excercises to help mothers recover their pre-pregnancy body weight.

We use internationally proven 'in water' and 'underwater' techniques to improve babies lung capacity and function as well as boosting babies self-confidence and general heath and fitness levels.

Most babies also develop better eating and sleeping patterns, and many parents plan sleep times around swimming classes!

Fathers are welcome to bring babies as soon as babies umbilical cord has healed. This may be useful during the first 6 weeks when mother cannot go in the water.

Bonding, Nurturing, Caring, relaxing, fun!

What's on 4 Little Ones 2011 award

Underwater photos - Jago

Next underwater photoshoot dates to be announced soon... Click for more info

Please be aware that even though your baby will develop early water safety skills, we stress the importance of never taking your eyes off your baby or child in or around water. Your baby or child will still need constant supervision no matter how confident they appear to be.

However tempting it may be, please do not practice the techniques you will be taught when you are in the sea until your baby is over 6 months old.


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